Guideline For Transferring Heat Transfer Motifs Onto Garments using a Heat Press

  • Before transferring motifs onto garments, please make sure to check each motif to see if there is broken stones, reversed stones, or moved stones. If there is, use your nail, or tweezers to replace the stones or move to stones to their respective place.

  • Before transferring, please make sure that there is no dust or oil on the fabric and that the fabric is flat.  

  • Test the samples to get the right parameter of pressure, time and temperature.Heat press 

  • Place the design, face forward, on the shirt. Be sure to check for centering and leveling of the design, in relation to the shirt. For lighter colors and white, place teflon sheet over the shirt to protect agains any heat marks.

  • For thin or sheer garments, place a feflon sheet (or cardboard) inside the shirt, under the design area, before pressing. This will avoid the possibility of the glue from the stones bleeding through the front of the shirt to the back. This can happen with thin garments and will result in the front and back of the shirt being stuck (glued) together. If that happens, just pull front and back apart while the shirt is hot.  

  • Medium pressure should be applied. Depending on the heat press itself, this would mean there should be some resistance when lowering the press, and locking it down on the shirt. If the press is coming down and locking without any resistance, it means there's not enough pressure.  

  • Allow the fabric and stones to cool for 30 seconds, and then remove the plastic paper slowly. If you find some stones that did not stick on the fabric and got stuck on the plastic paper,  put the paper back and re-transfer.  

  • If there is large stones (SS20 or SS30) and small stones (SS6 or SS10) on the same motif, or there is high embroidery on the fabric, the smaller stones might not be heated properly, so they may fall off. In this case, you can put a sponge like material (a little wider than the motifs) underneath the fabric and increase the pressure , and that should take care of the problem.

  • If any stones don't stick, check the back of the stone to make sure it has glue.  

  • For lycra/spendex fabric, stretch the garment a bit before applying and heating the transfer. For the fabric that needs industrial wash, transfer the motifs after the fabric has been industrially washed.  

Recommend transfer parameter (reference only)

Temperature: 160 to 175 Celsius or 325 to 350 Fahrenheit.

Time: 12 to 30 seconds

Pressure: Medium


Remark : Above parameter is only based on our test on the 100% cotton fabric, just for reference. Different fabric would not be  the same,  please test the samples on your own fabric to get the right parameter of pressure, time, and temperature