Applicator Instructions

Products information:

Voltage : 110V-240V
Power: 4.8-6W
Tips: 7 tips ( 2MM, 3MM, 4MM, 5MM, Hot Spot, 7MM, 9MM Flat)

How To Use

1. Set the tip on the applicator according to the size of rhinestone.
2. Plug the applicator and fully heat the tip for 2 minutes.
3. Put the rhinestone on the target placement, hold the applicator and put it on the head of rhinestone vertically for 30-60 seconds .
4. Remove the applicator and check if the rhinestone sticks on the fabric firmly, if not, reheat the rhinestone until it sticks firmly.
5. If a stone gets stuck in the applicator, use tweezers (not incl.) to free the stone, or use the flat tip.
6. Use a metal brush (not incl.) to clean the applicator once it has cool down.
7. If a stone appears to be misplaced, just re-heat it, and re-apply on the right spot.
8. You can find training videos on our "How to Videos" page.
9. Repeat above to make your own designs by rhinestone.


1. Do not touch the metal parts of the applicator,it is very hot and will burn flesh.
2. Only change the tips after cutting off the power and letting the applicator cool down. You could also change the tip by wrapping it in heavy layers of cotton fabric, which would allow you to carefully remove it when still warm.
3. This applicator is not a toy. Do not let children use this device.